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Project Name: Revizor (Reviewer)

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation

Project duration: October 2020 - October 2021

Project aims to create a realistic picture of the current events in Russia by synthesizing and/or contrasting information received from different sources. Moreover, the project aims to contribute to the diversification of information circulating on this subject in Georgia and deliver it to the wider public.

It should also be noted that the aim of the project is to compare Russian political and social practices with the principles of the rule of law and civil society existing in Europe, which will be achieved through the synergy with the’s project “Europe Herald” and its team.

Finally, another task of the project is to facilitate the cooperation of the liberal intellectual forces in the post-Soviet space.

Target Group: Internet users; Audience interested in current developments in Russia

Main Activities:

Working on social media and web content

Organizing a working meeting with actors interested in Russian research

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